Friday, December 23, 2011

What are Crescent Processing Company Complaints

Some are complaining that the Crescent Company is a business steeped in calumny and dishonesty. The truth of the matter is, these issues have arisen from the ignorance of some people regarding regulations regarding this business. In this regard, people should educate themselves regarding the matter to avoid being carried away by hearsays.

First and foremost an individual who acts as marketer to their business receives a free Dell machine. The laptop is important since agents need to show visual presentations and videos to their prospective clients. Business dealings are recorded with the help of software that comes with the Dell laptop.

It also allows for faster processing of transactions that have pushed through. However, these marketers need to present an upfront fee of 0 prior the receipt of the said device. Although it is true that 0 is asked from the agents, it is not meant as payment for the computer.

Independent agents should use these laptops, and may not conduct presentations or process transaction on their own device. The said fee is actually a form of guaranty from the agents. This amount will be deducted on the first few sales that the sales agent earns.

That may be the case but many are still in disbelief that it is not a fee for acquiring the said computer. Simply put, it is a deposit for using it and not a payment itself. Any agent who wishes to terminate the contract with Crescent will receive the 0 back in full.

Agents who signed up are given a directory of people and businesses that they could offer Crescent's services to. These are called sales leads, which are supposed to be useful tools in an agent's work. These are scheduled meetings that need confirmation from the concerned people found on the list.

What's wrong with this is that these leads are ineffectual. These people might have the wrong notion that if they drop by the office of the businessman that they are supposed to contact, the client would say yes right away. Of course, a bad presentation can result to the client to reject the proposal for that matter.

This is an uncommon favor done by Crescent to their agents. Other marketers don't have this advantage in this field. To be honest about it, Crescent has put a lot of effort in helping these agents get the head start that they need.

The company was not even spared the rumors that it is keeping money away from businesses. The truth of the matter is, the company takes pains to ensure that the card owner and merchant are authentic. This is done through a verification process that can take quite some time.

Obviously, the Crescent Processing Company complaints mentioned above are the result of misunderstandings of the policies and protocol of the company. This only goes to show that those who have a poor understanding of certain rules and processes can assume that some illegal activity is in the works. Thus, it is not always to assume that what we hear is the solid truth.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speculations That Can Ruin Crescent Processing Company

It all began in 2006 when Crescent Processing Company (CPC) had begun, ever since, they were very successful. Coping up with some difficulties happens in every business, CPC is no exception to that. With the numerous negative feedbacks CPC has been associated with, it’s amazing how the company strives to prove the haters wrong.

Either the accurate or the inaccurate, the Internet holds major knowledge that we people mostly depend on. We could consider the internet to be a place where one could give a bad criticism without having the proper proof to support what they claim. Research is done by the people who would set aside judgment and just wait until the one accused is really guilty.

With such allegations, both the company and its customer will have to suffer. With all the issues involved with a certain company, that is what we look rather than the quality and services they could guarantee us. What we should do is to know better the company and know them really well behind all of these allegations.

The Crescent Processing Company offers the chance for their agents to own laptops that are essential to guarantee sales opportunities. For about 0, the security deposit for the laptop will be paid. Here is where the confusion usually starts as people mistake the 0 as payment for the laptop.

It is only a security deposit, and nothing else. CPC still owns the laptop, and for it to be safe a security deposit must be made. If ever the agent decides to resign, then the 0 can be refunded and the laptop will be returned.

In having the laptops, the fresh sales agents won’t have to pay for the security deposit. By installment they get to pay for their laptops and the price of it is subtracted from their sales. A big single deposit can really be a nuisance, which is why this is done for them to be able to use it and not to be concerned about the payments.

With the security deposit, we could compare it to a rental deposit that agents must be cleared on. The security deposit is like a rental payment, the only difference is that the money can be refunded when the laptop is returned. Therefore, the issue about the agent paying for the price of the laptop given by the company is just a legend.

CPC also makes it a point to protect the buyer, the merchant and credit card provider. There are times when a credit card transaction can be doubtful, when CPC sees this they will immediately suspend the funds from the customer and have the transaction to be observed. Whenever a credit card transaction happens, this is usually done and it is not unfamiliar with those credit card users.

Saying that CPC is denying their client of their cash is just a lie. With investigative processes such as this, it makes sure that all those related to the credit card is protected. The withholding of money is but a mere defense from probably theft and fraud.

The Crescent Processing Company suffers from many bad comments, and these are just some of it. However, with rational thinking and time spent on research, it can be concluded that not one of these allegations has any truth to them. The only thing real about CPC is that it continues to grow and it gains the trust of many people.

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How To make The Most Out Of Your Concrete Staining in Southlake

It seems that concrete will never be supplanted as a necessity in construction. This is because concrete is readily available and could withstand the wear and tear of time. The use of of this composite construction material helps a lot in improving the appearance of residences and offices and whatnot.

It is the product of choice for many builders because of its durability and dependability. No other building material can last longer than concrete. The only real competition are wood (but it is flammable and very attractive to termites) and steel (but it rusts) while the only other material that comes close is natural stone.

The use of natural stone can also give similar qualities as that of a concrete. Albeit affordability is not its strongest suits as only upscale houses are apt to have natural stones as part of the main element of the house. Using it as a decorative feature tends to be rigid and limited.

With concrete, one can have fun changing it into other forms to suit the needs of the architect or designer. Naturally occurring materials are harder to transform from one look into another. In contrast, concrete is ready to use and one can modify as he pleases before the mixture hardens permanently.

Many manufacturers make cement at reasonable prices. Lumber and natural stones however, are sourced directly where it can be found since resources like this can't be produced arterially produced in factories. One can get concrete from just about anywhere.

It also has a good thermal mass which sits well for efficient energy saving. It leaks air, which in turn allows it to absorb energy, which results to an increase in the building’s efficiency. With this, one is assured that there is almost always a constant and comfortable temperature inside a structure.

Quite obviously too, concrete is fire-safe. Even if a fire has completely gutted a building, concrete walls stay in place. One is assured that the home still remains standing from destructive forces, this is the opinion of experts from Southlake Texas.

Despite its many merits, a flaw has been observed by many builders. Its appearance pales in comparison to other building materials. But with the addition of certain elements, it can give quite a transformation.

Decorative concrete is an application of concrete not just for building but also for expressing artistry and aesthetics. Designing concrete is just not becoming popular among Southlake residents, but also in Plano as well. In terms of livability and aesthetics the two cities from Texas ranks high in recent surveys.

The application of modified concrete can be done on almost any part of the house. The most common forms of decorative concrete are stamped concrete, acid staining, water-based staining and concrete dyes. The use of decorated concrete has freed many a homeowner from the rigidity of traditional materials and unreasonable costs.

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