Monday, October 31, 2011

The Facts about Car Transport Insurance

Modern car insurance can be customized to cover your vehicle during the delivery process. It is important to remember that you are entrusting your vehicle with the transport company, and problems may arise. Go through all of your Car Transport companies' paperwork and verify that you will not be responsible for any damage that takes place in transit.

In general, well-recognized transport companies will have sufficient insurance to pay for any damage that is picked up en route. As with any type of insurance, auto transport insurance has plenty of caveats. This is a finicky aspect of auto transport, so below are a few useful tips to bear in mind.

Before deciding which vehicle transport company to hire, ask your list of potential companies for a certificate of insurance. A good litmus test for the quality of the potential transport company is to ask them for this certificate, as it is a legal requirement. Asking about the extent of coverage, which parts of the vehicle will be covered, and the possibility of you having to pay a deductible is a valuable exercise.

The promises that the company gives must be verified and documented. When you need specific information, contact your agent. For instance, you may ask if the coverage is the same while in transit or if you have to give them notification.

Don't forget to take your stuff out of the car before handing over your keys. Such a simple action can save you money, as insurance will not cover the loss or damage of items inside the car. The habit of cleaning your vehicle before shipping will also help reduce exhaust damage and interior scratches.

Once again, damage of this nature will not be covered by company insurance. Below are further guidelines for preparing your car for such a trip. A company inspector will examine your car for any signs of damage as soon as you drop it off.

During car examination, make sure to be there. A useful tip is to take a photograph of your car before it is transported, in case damage is incurred. To make sure that no damage was recorded while the car was being transported, it will once again be inspected upon arrival.

Document any new damage that has been inflicted on your vehicle during its journey on the condition report. Turn your car on - this is a crucial diagnostic of mechanical soundness. Take your camera with you just in case there is damage to be documented.

If something has happened to your vehicle it is absolutely paramount that you make a note on the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading must be counter-signed by the driver, after which you should contact your transport company. You should use a flashlight or similar light in order to thoroughly inspect your car at night.

Good transport companies pride themselves on excellent customer support. The majority of business conforms to a set standard of professionalism. If you are unhappy with your treatment, file a formal complaint. If you put in the necessary effort, car transport insurance becomes fairly easy to negotiate.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Water Tanks and Clean Water In Developing Countries

Contaminated water can lead to several health issues, and many families without safe water are at risk. The rural areas of many countries have no access to clean water and sanitation. To add to the problem, people are not educated about managing water resources.

In Bangladesh, there is a serious problem with arsenic contamination in tube wells purely because people did not dig to the correct depths. Bangladeshi government officials were either unaware of depth regulations, or they did not supervise installation correctly. Nobody knows exactly how many people were poisoned as a result of this.

Despite the fact that arsenic poisoning is not fatal, it can lead to serious internal injury. Arsenic poisoning is a threat all over the world, and mostly due to contaminated water sources. In 70 countries, 140 million people have been touched by contaminated water.

These figures should scare authorities into taking action to avoid further damage. The governments need to check all pipes, plumbing and reservoirs often. Clearly water projects are important to developing nations, as millions of dollars have been spent for this purpose.

Even though there haven't been any reported deaths in Bangladesh, the government needs to act now to make sure this doesn't happen. Bangladesh has apparently received foreign aid in order to rectify the situation. Unfortunately this money was not used correctly.

Bangladesh is lucky in comparison to other parts of the world. Many children under 5 have died in developing countries because of water related sicknesses. All over the world, 90% of all deaths from water-related diarrhea occur in children who are too weak to resist the infection since they have not been eating enough.

769000 African children under the age of 5 died between 2000 and 2003 because of water-related diarrhea. The majority of these deaths could be avoided if one clean water tank had been erected in the affected areas. To compare, only 700 children under 5 died from the same illness during that period in developed areas.

When clean water is introduced, deaths from diarrheal disease can decrease by as much as 25%. In developed countries, drinking water is stored, treated, and distributed properly, thereby reducing cases of diarrhea by 39%. The ideal is that all countries follow this example.

Meanwhile, studies have determined that around the world, the most common water contamination is from sewage, which means, in some parts of the world, human fecal parasites are making their way into consumable drinking water. This is a disturbing fact. The figures speak for themselves - in 2006, 1.1 billion people did not have healthy water, and 1.8 billion died from water-related sickness.

Deaths could be prevented if access to clean water was improved. In these parts of the world, the simple and inexpensive installation of Water Tanks, purifiers and filters could save millions of lives. More than one homestead can benefit from efficient water treatment and distribution schemes.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Important Facts About Payday Loans

The payday loan is the easiest option for you to get money during tough times. The most common reason is that borrowers can get a hold of money in a fast and easy way. There is really no other way to get money in your account as fast as payday loans can.

Payday loans are also very easy to qualify for. Although it is true that the application process for payday loans online is easy compared to typical loans, some may face problems during their application. Unfortunately, the application approval is not a given.

The majority of lending companies will tell you that payday loans do not require a credit history check. Do not believe lending companies that promise guaranteed loan approval Luckily, there are a few things to do to avoid delays when it comes to application approval.

Never fill in multiple applications on different sites. Logic tells you that filling in many forms will help you get a loan despite initial rejection. If you hand in more than application forms money lenders are less likely to trust and approve you.

If you want to increase your chances of approval, rather submit one application at a time. Applying to several different lenders would just make it harder for your application to be approved. It is advisable that you settle on one company that can satisfy your needs.

In line with application procedures, you should also make sure you are filling your application the proper way. Do not try to deceive the lenders with false information. Lending companies have stringent verification procedures, so lying will not achieve anything.

Your credit history will be checked every time you apply for a payday loan. Credit lending companies will check for outstanding bills and credit debts. It is then not always true that the lender does not check an applicant’s credit history, maybe just not as thoroughly as traditional lenders do.

The illusion that getting a payday loan is guaranteed should not exist. After you have navigated the application process, you can turn your attention to repaying the loan. Don't be fooled - approval is just the beginning.

You need to be able to repay the money that you borrow. For most lending companies, standard bank charges don't apply, and neither do interest rates. Some borrowers forget to consider what they are signing up for; not knowing that high interest fees will just create more money problems.

You will need to weigh up all of the risks when you take a payday loan. If you have long term financial problems, then a payday loan, which is aimed to fix short term issues, is not for you. Payday loans are risky, so think carefully before you apply.

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