Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Lose Weight in Ways Friendly to Your Body

When you ask how to lose weight, the same old replies generally show up. You can expect to be told things such as to attempt a regulation of your food and an increase in activity. Besides these, there are some less often mentioned ideas that might help.

There are in fact certain slightly unconventional tips that can assist you in your weight loss goal. These are also suggestions that do not put your health at risk. These are suggestions that have been proven to have a nice modicum of success.

First off, you may want to consider the colour of your plates. Yes, it sounds like a very odd consideration, but it may in fact matter. Some research from the past years has just unearthed evidence indicating that the hue of the dishes off of which one eats can affect his appetite.

While there have yet to be confirmations of exactly how colour influences your appetite, it may be worthwhile to try eating from red plates, just in case. One can also eat from flatware that is smaller than usual. People tend to get hungrier when they know they are consciously limiting their food.

So, when you bring down meal size, you notice it immediately if you use the same old utensils and dining ware. Revert to flatware that is a size or two smaller: it shall help the aesthetic illusion. The awareness of your diet shall be unlikely to dampen the effect of this tactic.

Another interesting method is to take in cold foods and liquids. Research has shown that the body expends a little extra energy in trying to warm cold food when it is being processed by the digestive system. The caloric expenditure might seem piddling at first, but every little bit helps.

Fibrous foods are also advisable. Oranges are excellent for this purpose and make great snack substitutes for junk food. These are fruits so high in fibrous substance that you burn calories simply in the effort to process them.

Calendars are also fine options for those who need clear reinforcement. Some psychologists say that an individual will do something less and less if he is told repeatedly (or reminded) of when he last did it. Marking your own slip-ups on the calendar can help you greatly in this effort.

The calendar may assist the person in keeping track of his eating habits. Put it down in large and bright handwriting. This ensures that you know just how recently you deviated from your program and pushes you to do better.

It is the determination to stay on track that really answers how to lose weight, though. A person who is truly dedicated to his program shall have a much better chance than one who is halfhearted. These small alterations can measure your dedication too: if you cannot even try them, it is unlikely for you to get what you want.

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