Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grupo Vidanta and Daniel Chavez Moran

What can a man do next after building five star hotels and resorts not to mention a couple of golf courses here and there? A betterment foundation is what a person should delve into next. Such a thought was turned into reality by someone named Daniel Chavez Moran.

Aiming to promulgate Latin influences and social sciences, Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran came up with the idea to start his very own foundation and he came up with the name Grupo Vidanta. When it comes to this particular foundation, what they want to do is find feasible solutions to problems like poverty and inequality which are not only affecting people from Mexico but also those from other parts of the world. Moran got the name of his foundation from his own development company which is in charge of operating vacation spots around the world and an airport in Mexico.

The company is Mexico’s leading tourist destination developer with 20 resorts and more than 10,000 employees. It was in 2005 when Grupo Vidanta decided to add a goodwill department to their operations. Before it was called the Grupo Vidanta Foundation, it was first labeled as Grupo Mayan.

There are a number of places other than Latin America that are in the midst of poverty and when it comes to this, Roberto Russell and the people working for the foundation are making an effort to give people the education that they need on such a social problem. Part of the education that they give to others includes political, economic, and social elements. What they are trying to do is clarify concerns such as inequality and suffering to these communities.

Grupo Vidanta also aims to promote studies that focus on the relationships of Latin American countries. According to the people leading the foundation, what they want the world to take notice of is how the different Latin American regions can come together as one and make an effort to solve the economic problems that they are facing. One of their regions, Haiti, has just been struck by a massive natural disaster and the world clearly showed how it will readily support one fallen comrade at any time of need.

Having Latin America join in with the rest of the world is something that the foundation is focused on. From food to entertainment to language, Latin America can really give the world something to smile about. When it comes to Latin America, their people are friendly, religious, and festive and these qualities are what they can also share with other countries.

Democratic strength is another element that this particular foundation would like to improve on. Actually, this fight for democracy is in line with their fight to remove constant inequality. Achieving economic and social development in all Latin American regions is the primary focus of Grupo Vidanta.

One of Grupo Vidanta Foundation’s leading activities to achieve its goals is the publication of books and scholarly research. Most of the titles have a link not only to economic betterment but democratic aspects as well. The foundation has already been able to distribute copies of Falling Behind: Explaining the Development Gap between the United States and Latin America.

The foundation is not only trying to reach political figures as they are also trying to reach out to economists on a global scale. Dialogues and similar types of programs are conducted regularly with the focus being sustainable economic growth. Aside from this, Grupo Vidanta also provides assistance when there are activities that are launched to fight poverty and inequality.

In just six years, Grupo Vidanta Foundation has achieved much in the cause of social development. It will continue to push the fight in helping the oppressed. The ideals of Daniel Chavez Moran are continually reflected by the activities supported by the group.

If you want to know who Daniel Chavez Moran is, checking out the link will enlighten you.