Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Everyone is Talking About YouTube Marketing?

YouTube has become a household name. Anything from recipes to bloopers is available on this amazing website. With a captive audience of millions, it is no wonder that marketing teams are now dedicated to making money through YouTube.

Market analysts have had to adapt their strategies to really make a success on the Internet. Marketers now have to come up with ideas that will generate sales in multiple demographics for a fraction of the cost. The difference is that you can now access many millions of people on YouTube, instead of a few thousand who are watching a TV commercial.

The frequency of exposure is also fascinating. You no longer have to pay a huge fee for limited local exposure, because now anyone who is online can see your ad, regardless of where they are in the world. Your only limitation is yourself.

Are you aware exactly how many people visit this site? 60 million people a month access this site. Such figures were impossible to imagine in the past.

This is a testament to the popularity of YouTube. In terms of monthly usage, only Google and Facebook have better numbers than YouTube. And now, thanks to smart phone technology, you can watch YouTube videos on your phone from anywhere, on the go.

Viral videos are the best way to market a product or service through YouTube. A viral video is a video that spreads across the world with extreme speed, just like a computer virus. If you consider the way a human virus operates, spreading and infecting people before they can prevent it, then you will understand how viral advertising works.

In some cases, the videos spread so quickly that they begin to appear under different names and searches. Videos of all kinds can get spread with tremendous speed, receiving millions of hits before the creator can even blink. Think of this like an unending line of dominoes, where the effect of sharing just never stops.

This is very similar to how marketing is done elsewhere, online or not. In the days before the Internet businesses were reliant on customers spreading the word, and this grew to viral marketing. When a product is really impressive, people start talking about it, and soon word gets out.

The only problem with this kind of marketing is that you cannot tell if a video is going to make it and go viral or not. Some of the biggest viral videos are the silliest ones. And conversely, some serious videos make it too.

Videos, and the society that ingests them, have no rules about what they share. While YouTube tips are popular with some, they cannot forecast true viral capability. Marketing is all about taking novel approaches to reach your target audience, and you have a better chance of doing this through YouTube.

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