Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How the Executive MBA Program Has Been Changing

Many students of the EMBA in the old days had their tuition paid for by their organizations, who expected them to stay with them for bigger and better offices after completion of the course. This has largely changed now, where most students in the executive MBA program are self-financed. It is said that this may well be the reason for the growing number of professionals going into career changes following their studies.

The EMBA originally became popular some years back. It was right before 2009 that companies began demanding EMBA career degrees of their top officers. A lot of people surveyed in a recent study claimed to be interested in taking their professional lives to another direction as well.

It seems that many colleges are currently being regarded by students as a place to pause while they consider shifting careers. A good many of the persons in the course apparently do end up making a huge professional decision that takes their future in a different direction. Many B-schools started by bringing in career counselling specifically to coach EMBA students, whose needs vary from those studying full-time.

Nearly all the people in the course are ones who have already accumulated significant experience. Even so, universities need to help them move into the career path they truly desire. Still, majority of the students are complaining that their universities do not provide the help they need.

Fortunately for degree-takers, many institutions are now giving them what they want. You may also find a number of institutions that provide further services in aid of helping people find their careers. The idea is to help the students really find the professions they want.

Even so, many of the students are saying they could do with more of these services. The problem is that more people are taking the courses and fewer companies looking to hire. With that said, many students take the EMBA to make connections in hope of having a change.

There is still some skepticism over the possibility of corporations ever fully abandoning their employees when it comes to EMBA tuition, so some institutions do not yet go into full-blown career assistance programs. This has changed. Shifting careers is becoming more and more common.

It is not as it once was. Many establishments are now helping each other to provide better career counseling for Most EMBA universtities still do not provide true career programs, even so.

A lot of people thus turn to campus-based recruitment events. However, a number of colleges are not entirely keen on the idea. Universities are saying that when the students come into the course holding down a position with a company, there would be little need for placement services.

The argument is that an Executive MBA program is not so much a place where a person can get a new job but rather the means to get a new job if he so desires it. Even if some experts say we can expect companies to begin sponsoring employees again soon, more say otherwise, thinking the course now one where students find the resources for changing occupations. Business schools have no choice but to adjust to these needs, although obstacles remain.

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