Thursday, March 15, 2012

Popular Opinions: What Are the Top Free Movies Online?

There are a great many compilations to be found online that show you which films are best. Everybody loves movies, and so people are easily drawn to view a list of the best movies ever made. It is highly unlikely that anyone now has not yet heard of free movies online.

Movies provide amusement, and when they do that without a price tag, it is pretty hard to stay away. And now we come to some ideas for films you may want to see, given that so many recommend them. Movie-lovers shall call these films must-see selections.

One film that usually makes it into the horror genre list is "The Exorcist". This set the bar so high for horror and changed the genre forever. A young, demon-possessed Linda Blair was much scarier and horrific than any other Hollywood demon or ghost ever created, and there were no elaborate special effects or ultra-realistic CG effects back then.

The degree of horror in the movie was such that it made a lasting impression on watchers. Certain parts of the film shall be forever engraved in viewer's memories. The nightmares influenced by those scenes shall always be proof of how well-done they were.

Titanic, the film that topped box office records for an unheard-of stretch has to be mentioned, of course. Titanic is probably the iconic dramatic love story, a kind of Romeo and Juliet for moviegoers of this age. Another factor for its success might have been the excellent cast for the film.

For all that its theme was not entirely new, it became an icon because of its classy approach to the story, which is also the reason that so many moviegoers consider it to be the best of all its kind. The focus on the romance was perhaps what made Titanic so engaging for so many people. So popular was this movie that its profits went into the hundreds of millions.

Yet one more extremely profitable movie would be "The Lion King". This was a major success, topping all other animated movies before and immediately after it. Such is the esteem for this film that it has grossed more than many other live action productions.

If your interest is in science fiction, "War of the Worlds" would be a good choice. Those who know the story of Welles's broadcast of this over the radio decades ago shall enjoy the film, even if they do not quite experience the bone-chilling fear of those who once thought it was a live and factual report. The only aspect in which the newer movies have outdone the old version would be in CGI special effects.

For something endowed with drama yet also fairly laid-back, the iconic production is surely "Forrest Gump". The plot revolves around a protagonist with none too great a brain yet all too big a heart. Treasures like these are the real reason we love films and the people who make them.

There are other lists of other great movies, but so far these ones are the top films for which people would love to get a free movies online download. There is simply something magical in the act of watching a movie of quality. Advances in the Web permit us to see these films even today, when they have long stopped showing in theaters.

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